Arts & Culture

 Something about the North Fork Valley attracts and inspires creative types, the Valley seems to be a beacon to those who have a skill at expression. The area has skilled artists and artisans working in many media. We boast nationally known authors and musicians, world renowned glass artisans, talented photographers and painters, expressive thespians, exceptionally skilled blacksmiths and sculptors. The list goes on and on.
Art for all ages at the Creamery Arts Center
Not only are there many talented individuals locally, but the North Fork Valley sports an infrastructure that supports and showcases this artistic output. There are a number of galleries and showrooms located both in the commercial areas of town and at the artist’s location throughout Hotchkiss and Paonia. Exceptional local support for the arts is not a new trend. In fact the local Fine Arts Association is over 50 years old.

Those looking for instruction in the arts, or in a craft or skill will be pleased by the many opportunities available. Want to learn dance or yoga?  Want to get hands-on experience with everything from pottery to watercolors to gourd art, to stained or fused glass? Want to experience great live performances?

S and B Quilters' Guild Bi-Annual Cabin Fever Quilt Show, Delta County Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss.Check out what everything that is going on locally in the North Fork Valley . Feed your mind by listening to speakers, or take in the occasional lecture or presentation. And don’t miss a chance to learn about local history with visits to the North Fork museums in Hotchkiss and Paonia.