The North Fork Valley has been referred to in an article in Forbes magazine as “The Golden Triangle”.  Hotchkiss is the northwestern point on the triangle; the other two points are made up of Hotchkiss’s sister towns of Crawford and Paonia.  

What makes this area noteworthy is not only the spectacular surroundings, but the quality of life found in the North Fork Valley.  

Old and new ways of life intersect and tend to complement one another.  Tradition is still strong in the Valley and expresses itself, among other ways, in the many cattle and sheep ranches found here.  

Cattle drives, with cowboys often on horseback, are still common in early summer and late fall/early winter, as ranchers move their cattle between valley pastures and the warm weather grazing lands of the high country. 

But for every old-time cattle ranch, there’s an organic orchard or commercial garden, a vineyard, or a rancher raising elk, buffalo... or even yak!  

Small-scale farmers and producers relying on hard work, creativity and a willingness to diversify, have forged a new economic direction for the North Fork Valley following the decline of the more-than-century-old coal mining industry.  

And with each passing year this reputation has spread further, attracting a new breed of visitor – those seeking an authentic experience centered on an appreciation of the bounty of the Valley.

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