Local Services and Merchants that are valued North Fork Valley Chamber Members.

(work in progress as of 5/22/2023 - Chamber Members, email HotchkissChamber@gmail.com if you should be on this list)

Auto Repair

All Auto Repair  (Pending Member'23) - Paonia

Hotchkiss Automotive  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Banks and Savings & Loans, and Personal Finance

Bank of Colorado  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

First Colorado Bank  (Member'23) - Paonia

Alpine Bank  (Member'22) - Delta

Avera Capital Wealth Management   (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Delta County Credit Union  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

United Business Bank  (Member'22) - Crawford, Hotchkiss, Paonia

Economic and Business Development

Region 10  (Member'22) Six Counties including Delta, Montrose, and more.

Delta Area Chamber of Commerce (Friend'23)  - Detla

North Fork Valley Chamber of Commerce (was the Hotchkiss Chamber) - North Fork Valley 

One Delta County  (Member'22) - Delta


Lammers Insurance  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Kevin Parks Insurance  (Member'23) - Paonia

Food Suppliers, and Farm to Table

Afton's Garden Center  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss (produce and flowers)
Big B's Delicious Orchards  (Member'23) - Between Hotchkiss and Paonia
Blue Sky Baking Company  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss
Ela Family Farms  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss
Elevation Tea   (Member'23) - Hotchkiss
Farm Runners  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss
High Wire Ranch  (Member'22) - Hotchkiss
​Mesa Winds Farm and Winery  (Member'22) - Hotchkiss
Rogers Mesa Fruit Company  (Member'21) - Hotchkiss
Rubicon Coffee  - (Pending Member'23) Between Hotchkiss and Paonia


Gas, Propane and Electric Charging

Desperado Gas Station and Liquor  (Member'23) Crawford

Rogers Mesa Gas, Food Gifts and Crafts  (Member'21) - 4 miles west of Hotchkiss

Stop & Save  (Member'23) Hotchkiss and Paonia 


Merchants - General

Ace Gambles Hardware Store  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Snowcap Decorative Hardware (Member'22) - Hotchkiss

Wills Used Books and Art Gallery  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Akuna Matada Suri Alpacas  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Atlas Rentals  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Dependable Lumber  (Pending Member'23) - Paonia

Desperado Gas Station and Liquor  (Member'23) - Crawford

Duckworth Auto Parts  - (Member'23) Hotchkiss

Earth Friendly Supply Company  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Gambles II (Work wear)  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

The Hitching Post Hotel and Farm Supply  (Member'23) - Crawford

Lasting Impressions  (Member'22) Between Hotchkiss and Paonia 

Tri-R Liquors  (Member'23) - Hotchkiss

Weekender Sports  (Member'22) - Hotchkiss