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Hotchkiss Meats
219 High Street
PO Box 567
Hotchkiss CO 81419

Hotchkiss Meats is a custom processing plant that is family owned and operated. We do everything from slaughter, cut, wrap and freeze your meat. We take pride in never co-mingling any meat, even though it takes more time for us. From beef, pig, lamb, elk, deer and other wild game, we do it all.

We have over 31 flavors of “Award Winning” sausages; most flavors have been created in-house. Some of our favorites are JalapeƱo 2 cheese summer sausage or meat sticks, salami with Swiss, teriyaki sticks, breakfast sausage, Tuscany, apple cranberry and even 5 flavors of jerky. From fresh sausage to smoked, we have it all!