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Town of Hotchkiss
Town of Hotchkiss
276 West Main Street
PO Box 369
Hotchkiss CO 81419

The Town of Hotchkiss is found in the heart of the North Fork Valley, a hub for all those winter and summer activities that the wonderful Western Slope of Colorado has to offer. Hotchkiss offers a place for folks to come and meet from all over the County, at Memorial Hall and the County Fairgrounds.

As every year passes, the Town becomes more and more of a location where people travel to hunt, fish and take in the local atmosphere. Fresh fruits from our local orchards, tasty wines from our local vineyards and fresh vegetables from our local farmers offers some of the most sought after flavors not found anywhere else other than the North Fork Valley.

Hotchkiss Town Hall is open Monday - Friday 9-4.

2022 Member of Hotchkiss Community Chamber of Commerce.